Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Market@Serikin

This blog has been hibernated for one week due to technical problem…huhu…anyway, after a hectic week and being avalanched under ton of exams and assignments, let go to the Sunday Market since today is Sunday…. Haha
One of the Sunday Market I have been is Serikin Sunday Market. (Actually I had never been to any others Sunday market, WTF). It located at the border of Sarawak and Indonesia, a small Dayak Bidayuh village.
What so special about this Sunday market is all the stalls are in the both side of the road headed to Indonesia. 
Most of the owners manning the stalls are from Indonesia.
The foods, products and goods are from Indonesia as well. They sell batik, handicrafts, electrical devices, jungle produce, exotic meat and many-many more….
Traffic jam as the pavements are thronged with people
Nasi Padang, an Indonesian dish served with piping hot white rice 
with wide array of meat and vegetables dishes.
The goat skin!!!
Ting Ting with the key chains.
The villagers staying nearby will hunt for their basic necessities here every weekend.
Ok..that’s all, have a nice Sunday and not forgetting happy labor day…

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yoyo Cafe@Lintas

Yoyo cafe has become one of the most popular milky tea outlets in KK. They have three outlets (if my memory served me correctly) in Damai, Lintas and Center Point. It has become one of the most popular spot for the youngster to hang out especially during night time. 
Look at it, the place was packed.  
I’m a milky tea lover but I not a yoyo’s regular customer due to the price is a bit high for me…huhu . Anyone want to sponsor me???
Their icy thick milky tea comes in a wide range of flavor…..chocolate, yam, and bla bla bla…beside, they also selling juice, frappucino, snow ice, toast and sandwich…Milky tea with pearls. A delicious combination of flavors. The small pearls in the milk tea are chewy and spongy. The normal pearl which are bigger in size are more bouncy for me…hehe
One of their latest product I guess, the little ….. can’t remember what *&%%^ is the name!!  But I’m very sure it tastes great…!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi Seoul Korean Restaurant

Another Korean restaurant that I had tried beside Supul Restaurant was Hi Seoul Korean Restaurant. It is located in Likas, KK.

The main entrance of the restaurant. The dining area is slightly wider than Supul Restaurant in breadth.

As usual, Korean foods must have ‘kimchi’ which is served as starter (Preserve vegetable). "Kimchi" taste weird for me…huhu

The snow white rice comes in a special bowl.

Erm… something like a container made in steel with cover as well. This was the first time i saw this type of bowl!!! (forgive me for my jakun-ess)…

Korean Pork bbq….the taste is great!!!

Korean dumpling…. Everything must add with the word KOREAN!!!

Korean tofu soup!!! The hot and spicy taste will give you a boost of energy!!!  I prefer Korean tofu soup compared to

Korean Kimchi Soup!!! =.=!!!

Korean rice role sushi which is also known as Kimbap!!! 

Went there for friends’ birthday celebration. We have Uncle Biscuit green tea cakes which is awesome to the max!!!! Check it out!!! The price here is slightly lower than Supul Restaurant!!!

See You Again.